On DAAMM! Purpose

The Dallas & Austin Area Memory Meeting (DAAMM!) brings together researchers from university labs studying human memory inside the Lone Star State. Participants come from UT Austin, UT Dallas, Baylor, Texas State, University of Houston, and Rice. The objectives of DAAMM! are to build bridges between labs by fostering communication and an exchange of ideas amongst various memory researchers in the state, and by providing an informal, engaging, and supportive forum in which trainees (students and postdocs) can present their work.

The host institution for DAAMM! rotates annually, with the schedule typically including one 20-min presentation from each participating lab (see below for programs from prior meetings). The focus of these presentations is flexible, and can cover any studies relevant to understanding the psychological and neural substrates of memory and cognitive control. Also, works in progress are welcome and encouraged!

Our DAAMM! Origins

🏆 DAAMM! has been unofficially recognized for having the best memory meeting name (unanimous 2-0 vote by Jarrod and Gagan).

DAAMM! was co-founded in 2016 by Drs. Jarrod Lewis-Peacock (UT Austin) and Gagan Wig (UT Dallas). The first meeting was held at the Center for Vital Longevity at UT Dallas, and the venue has rotated each year since. The inspiration to create this meeting followed the success of other local memory research meetings that were being held across the world, all of which are loosely associated with the Memory Disorders Research Society (MDRS). Our predecessors include the Cambridge Area Memory Meeting (CAMM), the Bay Area Memory Meeting (BAMM!), the Charles River Area Memory Meeting (CRAM), the Manhattan Area Memory Meeting (MAMM), and the Toronto Area Memory Group (TAMeG).

DAAMM! Co-Founder
Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
University of Texas at Austin

DAAMM! Co-Founder
Associate Professor, Center for Vital Longevity
University of Texas at Dallas

The DAAMM! Archive

DAAMM! 2023


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DAAMM! 2022


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DAAMM! 2021

( Virtual )

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DAAMM! 2020

 ( Virtual )

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DAAMM! 2019


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DAAMM! 2018


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DAAMM! 2017


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DAAMM! 2016


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