We Track Attention, Learning, & Memory in the Brain

The LewPeaLab (pronounced: "loopy lab") is a cognitive neuroscience research lab directed by
Dr. Jarrod Lewis-Peacock
in the Department of Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin.

Jarrod Lewis-Peacock

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology
Graduate Advisor, Institute for Neuroscience

📩 jalewpea@utexas.edu

Ph.D., M.S., M.S., B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoc, Princeton University

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Elizabeth Lorenc

📩 elizabethlorenc@utexas.edu

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

"My research focuses on understanding how the healthy brain maintains precise visual working memory representations, particularly through subsequent interference. In addition, I hope to understand what neural factors may underlie memory failures, and my current postdoctoral work seeks to establish whether interventions like real-time neurofeedback can be used to manipulate working memory and long-term memory outcomes."

Doctoral Students

Gus Hennings

📩 achennings@utexas.edu | Website

Ph.D. student, Neuroscience (Year 6)
B.S., The College of William and Mary

"My goal is to leverage insights from episodic memory research to better understand emotional associative learning. My research applies modern cognitive neuroscience techniques such as MVPA and machine learning to study fear extinction in both healthy and clinical populations. My work focuses on fear extinction as an experimental model of exposure therapy."

Justin Kilmarx

📩 jkilmarx@utexas.edu

Ph.D. student, Mechanical Engineering (Year 4)
B.S., University of Tennessee, Knoxville

"Motor deficits, such as the ability to individuate finger movements, is a common impairment associated with stroke that often never reaches full recovery. Here, we use hyperalignment to create a neural template of ideal brain activity from healthy participants. Our goal is to use this template to guide recovery in a real-time fMRI neurofeedback experiment post-stroke."

Zachary Bretton-Granatoor

📩 zbretton@utexas.edu

Ph.D. student, Neuroscience (Year 3)
B.A., Boston University

"My interest is in exploring the role of our emotional state on our memory systems. Specifically, I am interested in the ways in which persistent mental illness can greatly affect our working memory capabilities and our ability to deal with the daily challenges of an information rich life."

Ziyao Zhang

📩 ziyaoz@utexas.edu

Ph.D. student, Psychology (Year 1)
M.S., Lehigh University

"My main interest lies in the interaction between memory and attention. Specifically, I am interested in how attentional control shapes memory representations and how internal representations influence ongoing processes. My research combines cognitive neuroscience and computational techniques to explore these questions."

Rotation Students

Suna Guo

📩 sguo19@utexas.edu

Ph.D. student, Neuroscience (Year 1)
S., University of Texas at Austin

"My interest is in the role of attention on the integration of sensory inputs, and how this modulation affects downstream executive functions such as decision making. By comparing and contrasting computational models of such tasks and the human brain, I hope to gain insights both in brain functions and in machine learning techniques"

Michela Fracassi

📩 michela.fracassi@utexas.edu

Ph.D. student, Neuroscience (Year 1)
M.S. University la Sapienza-Rome

“My main interest is in exploring how our social environment can shape our behavior and attention. Specifically, I am interested in how learning from our peers can influence our information seeking and whether individual differences play a role in the selection of information. I hope to get a better understating of these processes by investigating both human and animal models”

Masters Students

Zoe Duan

📩 ziyi.duan@austin.utexas.edu | Website

Visiting M.S. student, Psychology (Year 3)
B.A., Sun Yat-sen University

"I’m fascinated by the adaptive nature of human memory. In particular, I’m curious about how the brain can maintain stable yet flexible representations in working memory. I investigate how neural dynamics in working memory contribute to the formation and organization of long-term memories, and how the brain uses prior knowledge to guide our behaviors. My research combines psychophysics, cognitive neuroscience, and machine learning techniques to explore these topics."

Undergrad Students

Sandhya Tiku

Biomedical Engineering
joined Fall 2020

Eli Blinchevsky

Psychology, Plan II
joined Summer 2021

Paige Stetson

Neuroscience, Plan II
joined Summer 2021

Brandon Bruce

joined Fall 2021

Neerul Gupta

joined Fall 2021

Sabrina Zheng

joined Fall 2021

Derek Wang

joined Spring 2022

Research Staff

Reece Walter

📩 lewpealab@utexas.edu


Psychology, Sociology

Lab Photos Through The Years

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Alumni: Postdocs

Tracy Wang

Research Program ManagerMicrosoft Azure Engineering

Alumni: Doctoral Students

Remy Mallett '21

PostdocNorthwestern UniversityPI: Ken Paller

Seth Koslov '20

PostdocUniversity of PennsylvaniaPI: Brett Foster

Hyojeong Kim '20

University of Colorado, Boulder
PI: Marie Banich

Ethan Oblak '19

RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
PI: Kazuhisa Shibata

Alumni: Masters Students

Allison Bruning '21

LecturerTexas State University

Allison Berman '18

Scientific Software Engineer

Mark Hollenbeck '16

Director, Data Science

Selected Alumni: Undergrad Students

Destiny Gonzales '21

Ph.D. StudentUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
PI: Erin Hannon

Meghan Mallya '21

M.D. StudentUniversity of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Landry Bulls '20

Research Specialist
Dartmouth College
PI: Mark Thornton

Robaa Al-Najar '19

M.D. Student
Long School of Medicine, UT Health San Antonio

Stephanie Jeanneret '19

M.S. Student
University of Geneva
PI: Evie Vergauwe

Bettina Bustos '18

Ph.D. Student
University of Iowa
PI: Jiefeng Jiang

Ellen Crowe '17

M.D. Student
McGovern Medical School

Selected Alumni: Research Staff

Brandon Torio

M.S. Student
Johns Hopkins University

Anu Mummaneni

Undergraduate Student
University of Chicago

Katlyn Hedgpeth '17

Technical Analyst

Rochelle Stewart '15

Ph.D. Student
Florida State University
PI: Jesse Cougle

Song Liu

Ph.D. Student
University of Texas at Dallas
PI: Mick Rugg

Arjun Mukerji

Ph.D. Student
University of California, Berkeley
PI: Michael Silver

Katerina Placek

Senior Data Scientist